V Rising: Ultimate Building Guide

Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to build in V Rising!

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V Rising is an upcoming multiplayer vampire action RPG that has a ton of cool features and gameplay mechanics. The game can be played both in PVP and PVE. Building your own castle is also implemented in the game and players will need to make their builds to keep hostages from where they can constantly drink their blood and survive.

This guide will show you all you need to know about building in V Rising!

V Rising: Ultimate Building Guide


Every vampire/player needs a castle from where he can rule!

You will begin in a small castle where you need to begin your builds. Piece by piece and wall by wall, you will create your base where you can implement a ton of workstations, decorations, and servants who will help you protect the area.

You will be able to unlock new technology and gear inside your castle through your research. The more they expand their castle, the more they will be able to discover and obtain.

A good thing to note is that you can create a castle together with your friends, you can gather up to 4 people and grow it.

Castle Heart

The core of the castle and the most important part of your build is going to be the Castle Heart.

The Castle Heart is an area where you feed it blood in order for it to survive, become stronger, and not fall down into disrepair.

With the castle heart being fed and maintained, your workstations will become more efficient and the defenses will rise, making it harder for other opposing members to destroy them.

What to Build

The game has not revealed the exact builds that can be made while in your castle. People assume that decoration, workbenches and armor/weapon upgrade stations will be the most important role for the builds.

Increasing storage and making stronger defenses will be one of the essentials. The rest will be creativity and decoration where you can make your desired vampire castle.


In your castle, you will begin to add servants as you explore the lands. Servants can be obtained by exploring the lands, weakening humans by drinking their blood, and bending their mind to your will.

Upon slaying a human, you can choose between “Food” or “Purpose”. Food means that you need to survive or you need extra power for your vampire.

Purpose turns the human being to a servant.

There will be chambers where you can feed off from humans if they have good blood.

Servants will get their coffins where they will suffer and serve.


Raiding is a possible thing in the raid. This is an optional thing that you can have. Depending on the server, you can join a server that allows raiding, and a server that doesn’t.

This will bring good competition to the game and make players more active. You will need to defend your castle from incoming raiders, and also try to raid someone and obtain all their goods.

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