Time to see how the Combat System works in V Rising!

V Rising is an open-world adventure game where you can play both in PVP or PVE. You can create big buildings and defeat monsters or run up to players and challenge them to a duel. This action-packed game has a ton of utilities and features for combat in its Early Access!

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Combat System in V Rising.

V Rising: Ultimate Combat Guide

An important thing to know is that the developers who created this game also created “Battlerite”. For players who have played that game will know how V Rising combat feels.

If you’ve played any other MOBA games, you will get the feel for the game easily.

This has been an improved combat system with better features.

The camera view is from top to bottom, meaning that you are able to make full 360-degree turns with your camera POV and see what’s going on in your surroundings.

This game is different from others and it’s not your typical right-click to move game, the game uses the WSAD buttons for movement, and it also offers skill-shot abilities that need to be aimed.

With the latest UI, a hot-bar system was created with the numbers 1-9. Here you can put different weapons, utilities, and consumables which will help you during your fights.

With this method, you are able to change your fighting style much quicker and decide if you want to attack with melee damage or ranged damage.

On the other side of your health bar in the bottom center HUD, you will find your abilities and attacks.

Each icon represents what you need to press to activate an ability, T being your ultimate ability.

A good thing about this game is that there are no classes or levels. There is a progression system that you need to take and obtain random abilities through it.

Each ability is customizable and upgradeable.

One of the ways to unlock permanent abilities is to defeat rare bosses and drink their blood. Drinking their blood will gain you an ability.

While fighting in the open world, players who hide behind objects can be revealed easily, the objects in the game such as trees and weak builds can be broken, revealing hidden opponents.

There are some leaks with characters riding mounts and fighting at the same time. This may mean that there will be mounted combat as well.

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