V Rising: Ultimate Mount Guide

Check out the Ultimate Mount Guide for V Rising!

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V Rising is an open-world, survival game by Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios. The game looks to be set in a gothic open world, where a total of 50 players can play PvE and PvP elements. The player is actually a thirsty vampire who has to rebuild his clan in a hostile medieval province, populated by fantastic creatures and vampire hunters. The game also has mounts that are horses and can provide you with faster travel, better acceleration, and rotation capacity. Players can have their favorite mount and they will be able to give him a specific name.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate Mount Guide For V Rising!

V Rising: Ultimate Mount Guide

Mount system in V Rising is not only going to allow you to obtain horses in some way and ride them around the map to help you move across the terrain faster but you are also going to be able to do some mounted combat primarily using the left-click attack for whatever weapon you are currently using, to be able to do drive-by attacks off of your mount.

You can also switch between weapons while you are riding your horse and use different left-click attacks but you’re not going to be able to use all of your different spells while on horseback.

Mounts are the most effective way to travel the world. Once you find a horse, you don’t want it stolen or slain by enemy vampires, so make sure to take care of your trusted seed.

Horses also have randomized qualities that affect their speed rotation and acceleration, and they also have their own storage, which is so similar to the Myth of Empires system

Going and getting on your horse seems to be pretty quick. You also have a horse symbol on your mini-map, a green horse-shoes, presumably, this is showing you where your horse or horses are on your mini-map.

The horse-shoe on the action bar is your dismount button, so you will be able to quickly dismount your horse.

When you dismount your horse, your character jumps up in the air and jumps off of the horse. It’s not sure if there are going to be any abilities that can interact when you jump off your horse and then use some slam-down ability onto the ground or something.

The horse has also his own boost ability which gives a sprint acceleration for a certain time.