V Rising: Ultimate Weapons & Magic Guide

Check out the Ultimate Weapons & Magic Guide for V Rising!

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V Rising is an open-world, survival game by Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios. The game looks to be set in a gothic open world, where a total of 50 players can play PvE and PvP elements. The player is actually a thirsty vampire who has to rebuild his clan in a hostile medieval province, populated by fantastic creatures and vampire hunters.

In this guide, we will show you the Weapons & Magic in V Rising!

V Rising: Ultimate Weapons & Magic Guide

The basic attack is based on your weapon type as well as a variety of skill shots AOEs and more. Variety exists in the form of abilities that can be permanently unlocked, combined with the more temporary abilities afforded by gear.

In V Rising you’ll have an arsenal of combat options with what you use as weapons and your blood abilities. You’ll be able to have multiple weapon options and you seemingly can swap around which one you have equipped with your tab bar, so you can engage quickly with your axes and pull back with a crossbow.


There are a few confirmed weapons that we have seen in trailers such as swords, axes, mauls, scythes, spears, blades, and crossbows. Obviously, there might be more options outside that, and with the capabilities of upgrading these weapons, then there’s going to be more to see than just that.

The weapons have more unlocked abilities with the left, being the basic attack most likely, and with additional 2 weapon abilities. All the weapons will have a unique playstyle and ways of using them.


There’s a variety of magic options you will have to choose from in V Rising. They appear on the bar on the bottom and the spacebar bar slot. The one on the left which is framed is going to be some special ability.

By the trailers that we have seen, one of the magic abilities looks like it is a type of blood blast.

Also, an ability to turn into an ice dragon.

Some general ice blast that you can shoot out.

A magical blast being shot out with different AOEs.

Obviously, there are far more magic spells out there, but we won’t go through every single one because there is not yet a confirmation of all current magic spells in the game.

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