Valheim Mistlands: How To Raise Chickens

Check out this guide to see how you can raise chickens in Valheim Mistlands!

Valheim Mistlands isn’t just about fighting big enormous Norse creatures and monsters. You will also have to create a living environment that is sometimes filled with your own farm animals.

In this guide, we shall be showing you what to do and How To Raise Chickens properly. Let’s get started.

How To Raise Chickens – Valheim Misltlands

First of all, you shall need to find Haldor, which is the new NPC trader that is added to the game. You will find him while traveling throughout the map.

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You will see that as the last item in his shop is the Egg. One Egg is 1500 coins to be bought.

You will need to first defeat the Yaggluth boss. Only after this, he will have the Eggs for sale. You shall need to buy one. Once you have the Eggs you will need to bring them to a farm that you have built with a fire and a roof.

You will need to check up on them time after time to make sure that they are warm enough. Once they are warm for longer periods of time you will see them hatching and becoming small chickens.

Once they grow up you can feed them all the seeds in the game to get them to be bigger and bigger and they can lay you more eggs. This way you won’t have to buy eggs every again!

That is how you Raise Chickens in Valheim Mistlands. We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to do for raising them. Have fun doing it yourself!

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