Let’s discover all the primogen report locations in Moore’s Apartment!

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong is a game full of things to reveal. To save your time by reading this guide to learn where all the reports are hidden. 

Vampire the Masquerade Swansong: All Primogen Report Locations in Moore’s Apartment (Scene 2)

Location 1: Report About Jara Drory

Go upstairs and turn twice left to enter the library.

There will be an officer standing there whit the Jara Drory report in her hands.

Location 2: Report About Dr. Dunham

You will find this record in the main office inside the wall behind the marked picture below. The safe code is 040911.

Location 3: Report About Dejan Siaka

To get this one, first you need to tace the cared from the drawer in the office.

After that go to the office library and use the card to enter the door on the right.

Take the record from the desk.

Location 4: Report About Berel Underwood

Exit the office go straight and enter the left reoom like its shown down in the picture.

The report will be inside the bag on the bed.

Exepc the report take te key which is by the bag for the next task.

Location 5: Report About Hilda

To get Hilda’s report, firdt you neet to godownstairs and talk with Adam Ethan.

Lead the conversation on psychological term and try to get the key card.

Go directly in the kitchen and enter the room on the right.

Call the elevator and go on the floor number -4.

Turn right, talk with the officer and open the marked car behind the officer. Use the keys that you took from the bedroom.

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