Vampire the Masquerade Swansong: No Survivors Trophy Guide

Let’s learn the no survivors trophy guide!

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If you have trouble finding the no survivors trophy guide this article can help you. All you need to do is to follow the steps shown in this guide.

Vampire the Masquerade Swansong: No Survivors Trophy Guide

Go get the Hazmat suit from the wardrobe room with the password shown in the picture and put it on.

Then go to the laboratory and talk to the clinic manager, take the implant and put it on the observed hand so she can put the card in the drawer and leave.

Take the card and the organ reference and exit the laboratory.

Take off the suit and go to the cold storage so you can collect the security key standing in the boxes behind the door.

You will have a short inspection, go to the other side of the storage and collect the Jara Drory’s cerebellum.

Take the cerebellum, again put on the suit and go back to the laboratory to give the cerebellum to the clinic manager.

Take the Chiara Favarone’s red implant from the clinic manager and exit the room.

Take off the suit and go to the first entrance and use the Chiara’s red implant. It won’t work at first.

After that go to the isolated room and change the settings to start filling the room with hot air so the door opens and you can enter the room.

You will need to confront Joseph and convince him to come with you, but if the psychological way doesn’t work you need to kill him and get his implant.

Go to the command room and use the key to activate the paralysis protocol so you can empty the room you need to put the implant in.

Now that everyone is dead you can take all the implants you need.

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