Wartales: Limited Time Bounties Guide

Check out this guide to find out all you need to know about limited-time bounties in Wartales.

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Wartales is an open-world strategy RPG that will lead you across the medieval universe. In this game, you can complete missions and capture points to become stronger and fight against different opponents. Completing missions for the game is key to becoming stronger and earning more resources!

This guide will show you all you need to know about limited-time bounties in Wartales.

Limited Time Bounties Guide – Wartales

Limited time bounties can be found on your guild board in Ogree. These bounties are limited, meaning that they change weekly on your guild board.

These bounties will pop up all over the maps on monsters that you need to defeat in order to win their bounties. Sometimes you may even win different weapons that have a great value to them or they are simply good to use and come with great stats.

Chasing these weekly limited-time bounties is great if you want to progress much further and easier with your character. Keep an eye on that bulletin board and get some extra rewards to fill in your free time on Wartales!

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