Are you new to playing Weed Shop 3? Then this article will help you to learn 10 Beginner Tips And Tricks to make your playing better.

Weed Shop game is about growing your plants and expanding your Weed Bossy line to many different places and areas. Sometimes you aren’t aware of all the possible things you can do in this game, especially if you’re a beginner. To upgrade yourself at the beginning follow the instructions written in this article. Let’s begin!

Weed Shop 3: 10 Beginner Tips and Tricks

#1 Buy Your Necessities

It’s good to always have some extra seeds and growing pots. That will save you some time you will never run out of these two very important items. So make sure to fill your garage.

#2 Feel Free To Check The Trash Cans

Yes. You’re not reading wrong. There always can be some surprise for you there, like cash and sample doobies.

#3 Give Samples To Burnouts Only

We all know that these people are the easiest to connect with and make them your regulars.

#4 Give The Samples To The Same People

That way you will increase their friendship and you may have many benefits from them to increase your production and sell.

#5 Check The Counter

Always after getting the Counter, check back for your customers to make sure that everything is okay in the way it needs to be.

#6 Save Money

When you’re at the start do not waste your money on extra supplements. It’s better to have spare money than waste them at the start on getting supplements.

Also, the risk is huge when you don’t have a connection with the people who sell them.

#7 Know That Pots Do Break

Yes, you may be happy that you haven’t wasted much money buying the growing pots but know that they tend to break after some time. So try to always have some extras.

#8 Buy More Pots

I know that I repeat myself, but trust me you will be amazed when you see how much you will earn when you increase your number of growing pots.

#9 Buy Bulk Seeds

Buy bulk seeds as you can get more of them. You will grow much more plants.

#10 Take Care For The Environment

We all know that look is everything. So invest in more items to get in more customers. That will benefit you 3 times more.

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