Where to Use the Mysterious Key: Rogue Legacy 2

Time to find a proper use for these Mysterious Keys in Rogue Legacy 2!

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Rogue Legacy 2 is an interesting adventure game that will challenge the player to go through many puzzles, and obstacles, and even fight off a lot of enemies. The game also offers a lot of usable items that you can obtain via different challenges and events. The Mysterious Key item is one of them.

This guide will show you how to use the Mysterious Key in Rogue Legacy 2!

Where to Use the Mysterious Key: Rogue Legacy 2

The Mysterious Key is a unique item that is obtainable by killing a boss in the game. Once you’ve obtained it, go back to the tutorial zone and continue as you would go normally.

Once you get to the tutorial where the game teaches you how to perform a Spin Kick, you want to jump back to a secret area.

When you reach the top, you are able to perform a Spin Kick on two additional lamp posts and just on the left side over the wall.

Once you’ve reached the marked area on the map, continue going left until you drop down on a snowy rooftop area.

Get to the campfire and in the middle of it, you will be able to drop down and enter the secret area. Continue going down and once you see a small hidden room, go right until you find an interactable button.

Interacting with the button will lead you to a secret room where you need to drop down and reach a locked wooden door.

The door at the very bottom of the room is the door that can be unlocked by using the Mysterious Key.

Inside this area, you will find a good amount of journals that have great lore in them.

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