Check out this guide and learn everything about the bosses in Wizard with a Gun!

Wizard with a Gun is a newly released online sandbox survival game in which you play in a magical world filled with plenty of dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries. As you go through the story in the game, you will come across many bosses, and it’s better to know something about them before getting into battle.

In this guide, we will show you All Bosses in Wizard with a Gun!

All Bosses Guide


Mechantress is the first boss that you are going to fight and be warned that it’s going to be a tough one. This boss is pretty active and you have to keep on moving all the time and shoot from a distance. She won’t attack you right away which means you will have enough time to move around and plant your next hit.

During the battle as you hit the boss, she will spawn waves of Mech minions that have range attacks. However, you can hide behind the books in the area which can block the enemy shoots.

Take note that this boss has several special attacks as a shotgun blast, killer charge, and close-up swipes which might deal huge damage upon a hit.


The second boss, Orion, is going to give a challenging battle. He has a slow movement but don’t let it trick you because one of his attacks is charging towards you, and launching a blast at the landing area. He will focus on you and make sure to move quickly from that area to avoid the range of the blast.

The other attack is a shooting flame that goes in random directions but mostly toward you. You just need to keep a distance and can easily avoid this attack.

Orion also spawns a bomb in front of him which protects him from your hits. Once you destroy the bomb, it will explode and release poison in the area around it. Make sure to destroy the bomb from a distance.

The last special attack that Orion uses against you is a huge charge on you, then moving fast toward you hitting with his arms. You can see the trajectory that he is charging on and just make sure to stay away from the area.


Kolanna is the third boss and he will really keep you running away from him. He has a pretty fast movement and uses his bomb launcher as a main weapon. If you stay near him, he will shoot plenty of bombs in the area next to him, which means that you should not stay so close to him.

The other attack that he has is charging his weapon, and then plenty of bombs will fall on random locations in the field. In this moment you have to focus on the red circles marked on the ground and run away from them as quickly as possible.

He also has a charging attack with dashing toward you. Also, as you deal damage to him, he will mark your location, and perform a slam-dunk jump on that area dealing a huge amount of damage. You have only a couple of seconds to run out from the big red circle.

The Blind Huntress

The fourth boss in Wizard with a Gun is The Blind Huntress, and he is much more challenging than the previous bosses. He is using a sniper rifle as a main weapon, and during the fight, you will have to keep running and hide behind the obstacles in order to avoid his attacks.

Most of the time he will focus you with his sniper and shoot you pretty quickly. Also, after a few shots, he can launch a grenade especially if you keep on hiding behind the obstacles.

If you come near him, he will charge toward you and swipe-hit on you with his weapon. That’s why the best way to defeat this boss is to keep on running and hiding behind the obstacles and shoot him back once he strikes you.

The Harbinger of Chaos

The Harbinger of Chaos is the last and the hardest boss fight in Wizard with a Gun. This boss will give a pretty long fight because you have to fight against his spawning minions. There is a huge battlefield, but once you go too far from him, the boss will teleport near you.

As you deal damage to him, he will start spawning his minions which have the same attacks as the boss. One of the main attacks is the laser beam that goes toward you. The boss is using this attack only when you are close to him.

Other than that, he is shooting fireballs that are focused on you, and they explode at the contact area. You have to be quick and run away from the red circles on the ground.

Another attack that the boss uses if you stay near him, is a charge with a jump toward you. He will perform a slam-dunk hit and deal a huge amount of damage to the area around him.

That’s it! Now as you know something about the bosses in Wizard with a Gun, you should have an easier time during the fights with them. If you want to read more helpful articles like this one, please stay tuned with us.

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