Here’s everything you need to know about playing Co-Op in Wizard with a Gun!

Wizard with a Gun is another popular online sandbox survival game in which 1 – 2 players take a role in a magical world filled with tons of creatures and mysteries. Since the game was released, many players have shown interest in Co-Op mode, but is really possible to play it right now?

Keep reading our guide and find out if you can play Co-Op in Wizard with a Gun!

Wizard with a Gun: Can You Play Co-Op?

Straight to the point, players can’t play Co-Op in Wizard with a Gun right now. The developers came out with information that there are no plans for shared screen co-op currently.

Yes, we know this is very disappointing for many of the fans, but everything is possible and we just have to hope that in the near future, if there is still a lot of interest for Co-Op, developers will work on this and surprise us with a new Co-Op mode in Wizard with a Gun.

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