Let’s find out How To Access The Fell in Wizard with a Gun!

The world in Wizard with a Gun hides a lot of creatures and mysterious areas that you will explore during the game. One of the areas that many players have a difficult time accessing is The Fell which is right after the first Boss Fight.

If you have a hard time accessing The Fell in Wizard with a Gun, then keep on reading this article!

How To Access The Fell

The Fell is an area that many players were not able to access. Right after the first boss, you will have to access the portal for The Fell, and to do that, need to head east.

It could be also southeast of the original Imperial Zone, but anyway, be careful on your way because there are a lot of dangerous creatures waiting for you.

Simple as that, now you can easily access The Fell and continue following the main story in the game. Good luck!

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