Wylde Flowers: Fishing Guide

Check out this guide to find out the basics of fishing in Wylde Flowers!

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In Wylde Flowers, you play as Tara, a witch who just moved in from the city to help her grandma on the family farm. Despite being a witch, Tara spends most of the daytime as a seasoned farmer crafting her cottagecore life in Fairhaven. Like most farming sim games, one of the major things is fishing.

This guide will show you how to fish and some fishing tips and tricks in Wylde Flowers!

Fishing Guide – Wylde Flowers

Fishing Basics

In order to unlock fishing, you need to meet and speak with Bruno Soft, a fisherman whose shop is located in the middle of the town near the statues.

When you to talk to him, Bruno will give you a rod and 3 baits to catch a fish. He will tell you to catch fish by the lake in the forest.

Once you have your hands on the rod and the baits, you can go to any fishing spot to catch fish. From Bruno’s shop, the nearest fishing spot is just ahead.

You can go fishing in the River, Forest Lake, Ocean, Mountain, The Gloaming, and the Mine (Level 20). A hook icon will be shown on the fishing spots.

Press the interact button to pull out your rod and select bait that you want to use for the hook among your selection in the inventory.

Once you have selected the bait, press the action button to cast the line. It would take some patience to wait for the fish to take the bait. Once a fish has been baited, press the action button again to reel the line in and catch your fish.

When you have caught certain fish for the first time, you will be able to unlock fish recipes for cooking.

You may sell the fish to Bruno or you can make a dish with it and sell it to Sophia Moretti.

Fishing Tips and Tricks

  • Some fishing spots will have multiple fish in one spot. When you want to catch a specific fish and the one you want does not bite the bait, just wait for a few seconds. The baited fish will leave and the next one will go for the bait.
  •  Unlock the Animal Shapeshifting Spell. Turning into Cleocatra and then fishing as her will make it quick and energy-saving. However, you will get no choice as to which fish she catches. She can also catch crickets when shapeshifted.
  • Stroke your pet cat daily for free chubs, crickets and other ingredients.
  • Get free worms by mulching dirt.
  • In the fishing charts, the round big fish are referred to as salmon, while the long big fish are referred to as tuna.

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