Wylde Flowers: Save File Location

Here you can find where is the Save File Location in Wylde Flowers!

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Wylde Flowers is a game where you will be playing as Tara on a farm and keep growing it. You will be doing everything in your power to plant seeds, locate trees and ingredients, and so on.

There is a progression system in the game which requires you to save games. In this guide we will be showing you where that save file location is.

Save File Location – Wylde Flowers

You will be playing through Wylde Flowers and progressing through the game. Once you play enough you will of course want to save your progress and your farm. But you might be wondering where the save life location is.

It is pretty simple. It is in the same file folder as every other steam game.

  • C:/user/”username”/appdata/locallow/studio drydock/wylde flowers… The appdata folder is hidden by default. Do a google search on how to make it visible.

That’s everything you need to know about finding your save file location. We hope that this guide was helpful and taught you some new information. Have fun!

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