Wylde Flowers: Tips & Tricks

Here you can find some useful Tips & Tricks for Wylde Flowers!

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In Wylde Flowers, you can go with Tara on her heartfelt journey to become a witch. As you build your cottage-core life and get closer to your coven, you can farm during the day and cast spells at night. As you solve a mystery in Fairhaven, you’ll get to know and love the full-voiced characters.

In this guide, we will be giving you the most important Tips & Tricks that you’ll need.

Tips & Tricks – Wylde Flowers

Collect this flower Everyday

There is a flower that will grow and respawn every day called WitchWeed. It is an item that is very useful and especially you’ll need to pick it up early in the game so that when you reach the late game, you will have it at your disposal.

It is located in front of Thoma’s Farm. You will use it a lot of for farming and it is really useful in crafting for a lot of recipes. Collect it every day and come back after the night cycle to pick it up again.

Collect Weeds

Weeds are something that might seem as very useless and common, but as you progress through the game you will soon realize that this is not the case. They are very valuable.

Weeds are used in a lot of recipes, and especially late game, when you’ll get a recipe for crafting needed 40 Weeds you’ll get shocked.

There aren’t a lot of ways to collect Weeds other than going around the map and picking it up from the ground. It respawns very slowly, so you will want to go around daily and keep collecting it.

Also, they are very used for making Soil – a resource for building.

Build a Compost Bin on the Second Day

You will want to build this item very early on because it will give you a lot of goodies as you play through the game.

This is how you make Soil in the game which is a very useful thing to have. You need to place it in your garden and put Weeds inside to be able to craft it.

When you reach the late game you will find yourself lacking Soil. So better start early and keep it on the side just in case. It is also a very good item to make a lot of money used for shopping.


You will want to be on the lookout for Blueberries. They are a foregable items that only grow and spawns from spring to fall and it takes a few days for them to come in.

Their usual spawning location is up by the lighthouse. You want to keep checking it probably every second day because of their slow spawn rate.

Do a little Bit of Everything

Like every farming simulator, you will want to be all over the place and do a little bit of everything. This means that you will want to be harvesting wood, picking up blueberries, looking for weeds, planting plants all the time, and so on.

They are the usual daily activities for a farmer and if you do a good balance of everything you’ll find that you will have much more resources and things to do in the late game.

That’s everything you need to know about Wylde Flowers! Follow these Tips & Tricks that are coming from an expert for the game and you’ll see that this game isn’t as hard as you thought it is. Happy farming!

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