This guide will help you find all the posters and objectives from Mission 1 in Zorro The Chronicles!

A brand new console, which is filled with many missions and exciting battles between Zorro and his enemies. The very first mission has posters and objectives that need to be collected, so you can properly connect the maps or use the found key and etc. Follow the instructions given in this guide to that faster and with no effort at all.

All Posters & Objectives Guide (Mission 1) – Zorro The Chronicles

Monasterio’s Hacienda is your first mission that needs to be done in this game.

To feel more of the story, he is keeping the Los Angeles tax money for himself only and it’s on you to sneak into his hacienda and steal it back from him.

Once you’re at the selected location, just continue straight and go direct to the Hacienda. Be prepared, your first battle will be right in front of the entrance door.

You will be able to get your first key, right after you win the battle. It will be inside of the barrels behind your opponents.

Despite that, you will get some extra coins which is really cool.

After that, go on the road next to the lake and be sure to break all of the wooden boxes there to increase your number of coins.

Once you do that, go directly to your right site and use the key to open the gate.

Use your whip to climb the wall in front of you.

One more time gets ready to earn some bonus by fighting with the 3 guardians that are waiting for you on the top of the brick platform that you have climbed.

Follow the rules in which way to crush them so you can earn your reward.

When you’re done with the las guardian, collect the key from the ground and use it to open the next gate.

Time to brake the barrels again! Yes one more set of barrels that will give you extra health, coins and energy.

Just to keep you update, drawing posters in this game is considered like getting the collectibles. So your first poster will be on the left wall right after you climb the stairs after you open the gate.

Go straight, slide down yourself and be prepared to perform an attack from above. Another group of guardians will be waiting for you on the platform.

Once you finish the battle, use the whip and enter the next floor from the balcony on the left.

One more guardian to handle with. After you have swiped him out go up one more time, using the whip.

 Once you’re up, climb the balcony on your right to draw your second poster from this mission. Try to avoid the guardians at first so you can peacefully fill the poster.

You got your second portrait and it’s time for a little bit of excitement. Go back and start crushing those barrels and get ready to fight these guardians too.

Clear the way so you can easily find the back of the building.

Go straight next to the metal gate and use the button to get rid of the next guardian with the special combo and earn some bonus.

Right after you win the fight with him, you can find your last poster from this mission, on the left-sided walk next to the double palm.

After you accomplish this too, go on the left side to fight one more guardian, and use the whip to climb the marked platform.

Get ready! Your next fight will be with a well-armed guardian which has many other abilities to attack and defend himself.

After you have won the battle, you can collect the next key. And some extra coins of course.

You’re one step before you end this mission. Continue straight and open the gate on your right with the key you got. This is the last gate you need to open before you finish the quest.

Well, you will have the largest battle until now in this mission. It’s normal because is the last one and after you have succeeded to win all the guardians there you will need to find the money you came for.

The money coffin will be right in front of the stone sculpture.

You will be satisfied with how angry Monasterio will be! He deserved it.

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