Zorro the Chronicles: Can you play Co-Op?

Want to figure out if you can play Zorro the Chronicles in co-op mode with your friends? Find out here!

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Zorro the Chronicles is a game where you can choose between two characters, Diego or Ines. Both of these characters have unique stats and follow the same storyline of the game. With two characters being able to be played, players have wondered if Co-Op is available for the game.

This guide will show you if you can play Co-Op in Zorro the Chronicles.

Can you play Co-Op? – Zorro the Chronicles

When you start the main story of the game, you can choose between Diego or Ines. So far there has not been any option to where you can plug in an extra controller or simply add a player 2 feature so two players can follow the story together and defeat enemies.

With the game just being released, only time will tell if the developers will figure out a way to add a co-op mode for this game and make it more enjoyable for many players.

Stay tuned to find out!

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