Zorro The Chronicles: Top Of The World Trophy Guide

This guide will show you how to get the Top of the World Trophy in Zorro The Chronicles!

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The adventure with the most famous black-masked swordfighter never ends. This time he will fight for the Top of the World trophy which will be one more trophy on his road. To get that faster and continue in ravaging the bad guys follow this guide to get this trophy and save your time.

Top of the World Trophy Guide – Zorro The Chronicles

You will need to solve the Monetary Heist to get this trophy and to do that go here on the map:

Select the entry point.

Once you’re there you will need to reach the vantage point. Just keep yourself on the left side the most. Also, try to escape the battles above you and go on the water side and reach the top of the boat.

There you go, you have get the trophy in just a few seconds.

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