Let’s discover All Eyeball Locations from Chikara’s Somnium in Al: Somnium Files- nirvana Initiative!

AL: SOMNIUM Files is a game that has set plenty of challenges during the whole game. One of the tasks that need to be done properly is to discover all eyeball locations from Chikara’s Somnium. This may take you some time because there are several of them, so to do that faster follow the instructions given in the following text.

All Eyeball Locations (Chikara’s Somnium) – AI: SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

Eyeball – 1

The first one is the easiest to get. You will find it behind the main computer in the office.

Eyeball – 2

Before you find the second one, you will be able to discover one of Chikara’s secrets. After that, you’ll need to unlock them,, Racer’’ and the Debugger’’ options and select them to successfully open it.

Once you have done that, go inside the purple door to get the second eyeball.

Eyeball – 3

If you already found the second one, go back to the main computer and this time select the,, Fisherman ’’ and ,, Shaman’’ options

Next, go back to the room where you have taken the previous eyeball and use the boat to get the next one. The boat will be on the left side.

It will be in the next room, where the boat has taken you.

Eyeball – 4

This time choose the ,, fishermen’’ and the ,, gambler’’ options from the main computer. Once you do that enter the green door from your right.

The collectible will be inside the room.

Eyeball – 5

To get this one you’ll need to activate the final statue (IX), and the least collectible will appear around the main room on the edges usually on the right side.

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