AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES- nirvanA Initiative: All Eyeball Locations (Amame’s Somnium)

Time to find all the eyeballs from Amame’s Somnium in Al: THE SOMNIUM FILES- nirvanA Initiative.

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One of the Somnium locations that you’ll need to search for your collectibles is Amame’s Somnium. There are as well 5 eyeballs that can be found directly or after playing a mini-game or solving puzzles. This guide will show you how to successfully solve all of the puzzles and get the eyeballs with no difficulties at all. Let’s Start!

All Eyeball Locations (Amame’s Somnium) – AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES- nirvanA Initiative

Eyeball – 1

The first one will be located inside the circle in the camera set in the middle. It’s the one located on the left side.

Eyeball – 2

The second one will be located in front of the girl standing behind the desk on your right.

Eyeball – 3

Next, you’ll need to turn right one more time and go behind the platform shown in the following picture.

There will be your third collectible.

Eyeball – 4

Once you’re in the ,, spot the difference area’’ and start the journey on collecting the differences between the picture and the room you’ll get the 4th eye.

Eyeball – 5

And the last one will be yours after you spot all of the differences in the room.

Enjoy your reward!

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