Check this guide and learn where to find the Eyeballs from Shoma’s Somnium in Al: The SOMINUM FILES nirvanA Initiative!

The number of collectibles that you need to collect in Al: The SOMNIUM Files will never end. One of those collectibles is the Eyeballs that are hidden in several different locations in specific areas. To get the easiest way possible, without the need to search the whole Shoma’s Somnium, read this guide and follow the instructions written in it.

Eyeball locations (Shoma’s Somnium) – AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

Eyeball – 1

The first one will appear after you turn your face to the outside door.

Eyeball – 2

The second one will be on the other side of the room, right by the shelves.

Eyeball – 3

To get the third one, first, you need to turn left once you’re back in the room and go in front of the red jacket to select the ,, Joke’’ option.

Once you do that the young boy will appear and will transform the room into other colors. That all can be done through the box-house on the table, which you’ll need to inspect later.

Once you do that your third eyeball will be in the small glass window next to you.

Eyeball – 4

To get this one, you will need to go and look through the window, once you get the previous item. It will be right in front of the window.

Eyeball – 5

Once you’re out, you need to go behind the TV statue.

Go back there and stem in the middle of the circle made of working tools.

Your last eyeball will appear above you once you’ve put yourself in the middle.

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