Souldiers: All Emerachnid Locations

Let’s collect all Emerachnid’s in Souldiers!

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Souldiers is a retro adventure game where you can visit a ton of areas, some of which are hidden. During your time in this game, you will encounter collectibles named Emerachinds. These collectibles are scattered all around the map and will require you some time to obtain them.

This guide will show you all Emerachind locations in Souldiers.

Souldiers: All Emerachnid Locations

Location #1

The first one is located in area marked in the following picture:

It will be right there from your right you just need to grab it.

Location #2

The second one is located in the middle in a place marked on the following picture:

Once you’re inside you need to go left and win the battle with the monster.

After you win the battle Sinka will be waiting for you on the bridge so she can give you 3th Emarachnid.

Location #3

To get the third one you need to go here:

Go left to the end and get your 3th E.

Location #4

Search trough the map until you  are on this location:

Once you’re there you need to light all of the candles and your Emerachnid will be located on the bottom.

Location #5

The last one will be located here:

Once you’re inside go left and click the L button to open the door. You will need to fight the Pink Angry Flowers and go down tough the stairs.

You will need to collect the Bone Pendant which is inside the coffin on the bottom.

After that go up again and get your last Emerachnid.

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