Do you want to know the location of the Real Estate NPC? Stick around and you’ll learn everything you want to know.

In a part of the game, a guy called Suires will come to you and ask you for 10 million LP. Most people find a difficulty finding him. They look everywhere but just can’t find the guy, which can be a real pain. And don’t worry he is not a scam he is legit. One of the biggest reasons why you need this guy is that he will give you documents for your license for your new building.

This Guide will show you when and where to find the Suires. 

Real Estate NPC Location – Bakso Simulator

The location where to find Suires is in the allies next to the park.

When you find him in the allies next to the Park he will ask for 10 MIRASj.

MIRASj is an alcoholic drink that he wants to finish your licenses.

The next place where you’ll see him is in the park again. He will tell you to prepare some money to get the licenses. This is why most people from the Community call him a big-time waster.

After that, the next night you’ll see him in the park again where he will tell you to bring 5 million LP, because he needs to bribe the Mayor.

But then the night after this one, he will tell you that he needs 30 million LP. As I said the Community calls him a big-time waster. And here is your decision you either pay him the money or you let it go. It’s your choice.

We really hope that this guide helped you.

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