Time to catch all 5 snack pods in under 30 seconds in Bugsnax!

Bugsnax is filled with challenges and quests that you need to do. The Mailbox request is one of them. The Mailbox request will allow the player to challenge himself, look for some hidden items, and go through a ton of obstacle courses to begin earning rewards.

This guide will show you the location of all 5 Snakpods that you need to catch in under 30 seconds in Bugsnax.

Bugsnax: Catch 5 Snakpods in Under 30 Seconds Locations

The challenge will take place in the Garden Grove area. If you have collected any snakpods until now, you need to go to all 5 places and collect them to make sure they reset.

When you reach a small cave area with a hotdog sticker and a bed on the side, you will find the first snakpod attached on the wall.

To obtain the snakpod, simply use your grappling gun to obtain each and every one of them.

To get to the second snakpod, you need to drop down from the left exit of the cave and on a tree, you will find the second snakpod.

The third snakpod will be located just north of the previous one, simply make your way to the cave where there are groups of people engraved into the wall. You will find the snakpod on the upper area of the pillar that’s marked on the image.

To get the fourth snakpod, you will need to turn left and go across the small pond and begin climbing.

When you reach the marked area on the map, look up on the hill and you will find the snakpod.

Make your way up where the path leads you until you find a small circled fenced area on your left side.

Look up just above the fenced area and you will find the final snakpod.

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