Check out this guide and discover Duty`s Chime Location in Lords of The Fallen!

As you go further in the game you`ll visit different Vestiges from which you can gain interesting items and armor. This guide specifically will help you to discover the location of the Duty`s Chime hidden in the Vestige of Brother Jeremiah, one powerful cutting weapon that will support you while fighting enemies.

Duty’s Chime Location – Lords of The Fallen 2023

Duty`s Chime is located in Vestige of Brother Jeremiah, specifically in the Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium area.

Once you arrive there, be sure to go to the top of the building, the one you start your journey from. Climb the stairs and you`re already closer to the item.

You`ll notice the Chime on top of one of the fallen souls. Go and grab it!

Duty`s Chime Weapon Specifications:

As you can see the Physical Attack power of the weapon is at huge rate of 133 and that combined with 58 Agility will really lure all of your opponents.

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Lords of The Fallen, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!

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