Let’s find the Thor Easter Egg Location in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2 is filled with many interesting objects and hidden things around the map. Developers have managed to hide different Easter Eggs for players to find and figure out the lore behind the Easter Egg that they have planted. Most of these Easter Eggs sometimes may mean that an upcoming event is coming, or even a massive game changing update will occur in the game.

In this guide, we will show you where is the Thor Easter Egg Location in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: Thor Easter Egg Location

This is one of the most difficult easter egg locations to find. This is not an item that you have to pick up, it’s just a visual easter egg that you have to see something that happened.

The location is marked on the map below.

Before you start, you have to wait until it rains and then you have to be in the area that is the tallest part of Bandit Heights.

That’s the place where you are going to see it, in the front of the door of the room, next to the grill.

Actually, it is a Thor Easter Egg which is super cool, you can see the guy grabbing the hammer and it’s got lightning all over it.

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