Dying Light 2: Volatile Hive Spawn Locations

Want to constantly kill Volatile Hives in Dying Light 2? Check out this guide to find out how!

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Dying Light 2 has a ton of hidden areas with different monsters that you can look for and kill. The Volatile Hive is a type of monster that can spawn different Volatile monsters and get great loot from them. To get to them, you will need to open quite a few doors and go through some tricky areas.

This guide will show you how to find and kill Volatile Hives in Dying Light 2.

Volatile Hive Spawn Locations – Dying Light 2

Volatile Hive Location

NOTE that you can reset these hive locations every 5 minutes.

To get to this first Volatile Hive area, you will need to head over to the Downtown area, specifically at the entrance of the Metro: Downtown Court.

From there, you will be moving towards the GRE Vaccine Lab on the eastern side.

Wait for the timer to be nighttime and exit the metro downtown court area. As you exit the area, take the first left and go past the first set of escalators you see. After you’ve climbed the escalators, follow the red arrows and begin climbing the building.

After you’ve climbed to the top of the building, move around the rooftop and on the other side, you will notice a half-closed door that says G.R.E Personnel Only.

Enter the building and begin going all the way down. Drop to the very bottom of the area and encounter the first closed door which you need to unlock and open.

Open the door, take the first door on the right side, and after you’ve reached the next room with more doors inside, take the first opened door on the left side. Follow the path and enter the last room where there is an elevator shaft that you need to jump down.

Drop down, turn around and you will find another closed door that you need to open. Open that area, and enter the next area, on the ground you will see a big cable. Simply follow that cable and it will lead you to the last door and the last room.

After dropping to the lower floor and opening up the last room, you can encounter the Volatile Hive.

Gold Encounter Spawn

After you’ve killed the volatile hive. An important thing to do now is to do a fast travel back to the metro station and have a guaranteed gold encounter near the same area.

Once you’ve fast-traveled back to the metro station, you will see the gold encounter spawn on your map. Simply follow the marker and complete the encounter to get a legendary drop.

Blue Encounter Spawn

To get the blue encounter spawn, you want to fast travel back to the metro station in the same area, follow the same path as you would for the gold encounter, as you reach that area, the blue encounter will appear.

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