Easter Eggplant Locations: Rogue Legacy 2

Time to find all Easter eggplant locations in Rogue Legacy 2!

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Rogue Legacy 2 has a ton of hidden rooms and areas that will sometimes benefit the player once they’ve been found. Benefits such as items, stat boosts, and even achievements unlocked. Easter eggs are placed in the game just so developers have a better interaction with the players. These Easter eggs can be jokes, hidden meanings to something, or even represent a story of some sort.

This guide will show you all Easter eggplant locations in Rogue Legacy 2!

Easter Eggplant Locations: Rogue Legacy 2

First Easter Eggplant

The first plant Easter egg is located in the starting spawn point in the tutorial area. Once you spawn down, you want to use the House Rules option for obtaining these plants as it enables the ability to fly.

With the House Rules ability turned on, simply fly up to the top in this corner of the tutorial arena and you will find the first Easter egg plant.

Second Easter Eggplant

The second Easter eggplant can be found in the Challenge Arena. Once you defeat these 4 monsters in the first room, you will be teleported to another room with a golden chest.

Simply fly up from the golden chest to the top of the arena and you will find an orange Easter eggplant.

Third Easter Eggplant

The third Easter eggplant is located in the Far Shores area. This one is hidden pretty well, as you are not able to see it at all.

You will need to fly to the middle of the area and a small hook can be seen. The small hook will represent an area that you can fly into and simply hit the eggplant to reveal it.

Fourth Easter Eggplant

The fourth and final Easter eggplant can be located at the top of the Sun Tower area.

To get this eggplant, simply fly to the west border of the area until you find the eggplant chilling on a wooden platform.

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