Read this guide and discover Enhanced Lump Hammer Location in Lords of The Fallen 2023!

Same procedure, different place, and type of weapon. This time we`re going to search for the Enhanced Lump Hammer location hidden in Vestige of Dieter. As the name say his structure is mainly hammer-look like but with wider holder and sharper head. All you need to do is follow the instructions bellow and they will lead you directly where this item is hidden!

Enhanced Lump Hammer Location – Lords of The Fallen 2023

As I previously mentioned Enhanced Lump hammer is hidden inside the Vestige of Dieter, specifically in the Path of Devotion Memorial.

Once you arrive at your starting position of the Vestige, turn left and run down the hill until you see the big castle that presents the Devotion Memorial.

Go near the body that lays right in front of the gate and grab the hammer. Well done!

Enhanced Lump Hammer Weapon Specifications:

Hope this guide helped you to increase the number of your weapon list. Enjoy the game and stay tuned for more interesting info about Lords of The Fallen!

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