Let’s find the Epic Ring & Epic Necklace in Core Keeper!

Core keeper has a lot of interesting items that give different buffs to the player. All of these items have their rarity and they are different from each other by type and also a rarity. A higher rarity item gives you better stats and will help you perform greatly in the game. Currently, there are only two pieces of equipment with epic rarity, they are the ring and the necklace.

This guide will show you the locations for the Epic Ring and Epic Necklace in Core Keeper.

Epic Necklace & Ring Location: Core Keeper

Currently, there are 18 epic rarity accessories that you can use in the game, all of these items can be obtained by doing specific objectives.

Boss Necklaces

Here is a list of all the Epic Necklaces that are obtained through killing bosses:

  • Blob Rosary Necklace (+15 Max Health) – (Obtained by killing Glurch the Abominous Mass)
  • Skull Necklace (-26 Max Health & +9.0% Ranged Attack Speed) – (Obtained by killing Malugaz the Corrupted)
  • Azeos Beak Necklace (+3 Life on Melee Hit & +41 Mining Damage) – (Obtained by killing Azeos the Sky Titan)
  • Remedaisy Necklace (Immune to Poison) (Obtained by killing Ivy the Poisonous Mass)

Craftable Necklaces

Here is a list of all the craftable Epic Necklaces that you can craft and equip:

  • Polished Copper Cross Necklace (+8% Critical hit Chance & +18% Critical hit Damage)
  • Polished Iron Chunk (+20 Armor & +38 Max Health)
  • Polished Gold Crystal Necklace (+21.3% Melee Damage & +22.5% Range Damage)

To obtain these necklaces, you need to have a jewelry crafter 5/5, this talent will give you a 50% chance to get a polished version of any crafted item.

You can craft them by using the jewelry workbench.

Necklaces Found in the Wild

Here is a list of all the Epic Necklaces that can be found in the wild:

  • Health Berry Necklace (+0.7 Health Every Second)

This necklace can be found all around the world in the Green Chests.

  • Ancient Gem Necklace (+2.8% Melee Attack Speed & +2.8% Mining Speed)

This necklace can be obtained through mining, you need to have the archeologist skill unlocked.

  • Ancient Guardian Necklace (+17% Reduced Damage Taken From Bosses)

This necklace can be obtained by walking up to the stone statue presented in the image below, simply walking to its mouth and taking the necklace. The statue can be found in a random area in the wilderness.

Boss Rings

Here is a list of all the Epic Rings that you can obtain by killing bosses:

  • Melting Crystal Ring (+7% Dodge Chance) – (Obtained by Killing Glurch the Abominous Mass)
  • Skull Ring (-29 Max Health & +8.6% Melee Attack Speed) – (Obtained by Killing Malugaz the Corrupted)
  • Sky Ring (+7% Critical Hit Chance & +13.5% Melee Damage) – (Obtained by Killing Azeos the Sky Titan)

Craftable Rings

This list will show you all the craftable Epic Rings that you can obtain:

  • Polished Gold Crystal Ring (+19.9% Range Damage & +3.5% Range Attack Speed)
  • Polished Glow Tulip Ring (+4 Glow & +1.0 Health Every Second)
  • Polished Swift Ring (+7.1% Movement Speed & +3.3% Melee Attack Speed)

All these epic rings can be crafted via the jewelry workbench, you will also need to have the Jewelry Crafter Skill to obtain the polished version of the ring.

Ring Found in the Wild

The Ancient Gem Ring is the only ring that can be found in the wild, the ring offers +17% Critical Hit Damage and +62 Mining Damage.

To obtain this ring, you will need to have the archeologist skill unlocked and mine walls to get the ring.

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