Check this out if you are looking for the Courtyard Extract location in Escape from Tarkov!

If you’re looking for an action-packed getaway, Escape from Tarkov is your deal! This game is all about a mercenary, a survivor of the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict, whose goal is to escape from the chaos in Tarkov City. His choices greatly affect how the game turns out beginning with choosing one of 2 factions.

One of the major parts of the game is finding Extracts. This guide covers the Courtyard Extract location in the Streets of Tarkov!

Courtyard Extract Location (Exit) – Escape From Tarkov – Streets of Tarkov

In this guide, we will begin in front of the building shown in the photo below. This building is right across what appears to be the movie theater and characterized by the counterfeit KFC logo. Right within the building, there is a tunnel leading you to an alley.

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Inside the alley, you will notice this green flare or smoke.

Behind it, there is an open door and a staircase. Go through the door and staircase to get to the extraction point.

And that is the Courtyard Extraction location in the Streets of Tarkov!

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