Want to find out all the Cell Collectibles in Escape Memoirs Mini Stories? Check out this guide to find out!

Escape Memoirs Mini Stories is an interesting jail breaking puzzle game where you need to escape a prison by collecting various items and performing various combinations to escape. During your journey in escaping, you will stumble upon some collectibles that you can obtain and fully finish the game.

This guide will show you all the Cell Collectibles in Escape Memoirs Mini Stories.

All Cell Collectible Locations – Escape Memoris: Mini Stories

Cell Collectible 1

The first cell collectible can be located in the exact same cell from where you start off the game, you will need to crouch and look at the beds, on the bottom side of the upper bed, you will find the first collectible hanged.

Cell Collectible 2

When you get out of the first cell by getting the key from the radiator, move over to the right cell where there is a toolbox on the bed and a ladder as well.

Glance over at the toilet and inside you will find the next collectible.

Cell Collectible 3

The third cell collectible item can be located in the same area where the previous one was. You now need to place the ladder right under the neon light and climb. On the neon light, you will find the final cell collectible that you can obtain.

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