Want to find out all the Office Collectibles in Escape Memoirs Mini Stories? Check out this guide to find out!

Escape Memoirs Mini Stories is an interesting jail breaking puzzle game where you need to escape a prison by collecting various items and performing various combinations to escape. During your journey in escaping, you will stumble upon some collectibles that you can obtain and fully finish the game.

This guide will show you all the Office Collectibles in Escape Memoirs Mini Stories.

All Office Collectible Locations – Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories

Office Collectible 1

The first office collectible in this game is a bit tricky. You will need to set up the ladder in the exact same area where the image shows you. After that, climb the ladder halfway and look towards the table at the wooden paper holder as shown on the images below.

In the small gap, you will find the collectible.

Office Collectible 2

The second office collectible can be located behind a box on the left side of the room as you enter the office area itself. Simply stand next to the wall and aim your mouse at the area marked in the image to get your collectible.

Office Collectible 3 & 4

These two collectibles are located behind a small stool and a shelf. To get them, simply get close to the marked areas that are presented in the images below and obtain the two remaining office collectibles.

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