Souldiers: Great Pyramid All Map Fragment Locations

Struggling with finding all map fragments for the Great Pyramid in Souldiers? Check out this guide!

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Collecting fragments that are hidden in the Great Pyramid is also one of the things that need to be done in Souldiers. This guide will help you to find 3 fragments hidden in the pyramid, will save your time and help you to get your reward. Follow the given directions!

Souldiers: Great Pyramid All Map Fragment Locations

Fragment Location #1

The first fragment can be found in this area from the GP:

You just need to go right and open the coffin that standing there to get the 1st fragment.

Fragment Location #2

The second one will be found after you win the Axe Battle.

You need to enter the portal that will be on your right, kick the metal balls and vases and get your fragment from the red coffin.

Fragment Location #3

The last one is located here:

You need to go up and get the last fragment from the pyramid.

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