Hello Neighbor 2: Safe Code Location (Day 1)

Looking for the Day 1 Safe Code location in Hello Neighbor 2? Check out this guide to find out!

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Hello Neighbor 2 is an upcoming stealth horror game and the second installment of the Hello Neighbor game series. In this installment, you will be playing as a local journalist, Quentin who is suspicious of his creepy neighbor, Mr. Peterson.  His suspicion was aroused because people in his neighborhood, the quiet town of Raven Brooks has gone missing and Mr. Peterson’s house is odd and there are strange sounds coming from his basement at night.

Uncover the secrets and solve the mystery of the disappearances of your neighbors! In this guide, we will tell you where you can find the Day 1 safe code.

Safe Code Location (Day 1) – Hello Neighbor 2

The safe is located in the Study Room. Upon entering the house, it is in the second room on the left.

The combination of the safe is indicated in the numbered blocks found around the house. You can find the blocks in the following locations:

  • The first one is just beside the safe. The number eight (8).

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  • The second one is on the bedside table located in the living area, left of the study area. It is the first door on your left when you entered the house. The block indicates number one (1).
  • The third one is in the toilet bowl in the bathroom. From the living area, go to your left and then turn right. You will immediately see the bathroom when you are in the hallway. The block indicates the number nine (9).
  • The last one is inside the refrigerator in the kitchen. The kitchen is the room on the right of the bathroom. You have to move the plate covering the block to reveal the number four (4).

Now that you have found the numbers that may be the code to open the safe, it would be a lot of work to guess the correct combination, right?

So, to make your life easier, here’s the correct combination, 1-9-8-4. Inside the safe is a key that you can later on in the game.

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