Hello Neighbor 2: Ship Steering Wheel Puzzle (All Prize Locations)

In this guide, we will show you all the prize locations and the solution to the Ship Steering Wheel Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Hello Neighbor 2 is a game that requires you to solve puzzles to uncover the mysteries that surround your neighbor. In this particular puzzle, you need to find all the prizes to unlock a ship steering wheel.

Check out all the locations of the prizes to solve this puzzle!

Ship Steering Wheel Puzzle (All Prize Locations) – Hello Neighbor 2

There are five prizes scattered around the area that you need to recover and return to their proper place to unlock the ship steering wheel. We will walk you through all the locations in this guide.

Central Prize

To get the central puzzle, first, you need to get the fire extinguisher from the kitchen and put out the fire in the griller. Second, take out the meat from the grill and feed it to the dog in the back yard. Behind the dog is a suspicious mound.

Feeding the meat to the dog will make the dog move away from the mound. Get the shovel by the statue and dig the mound until you find the baton. This baton belongs to the statue. Returning it to the statue’s hold will reveal the central prize.

Rightmost Prize

This location of this prize is pretty straightforward. In one of the rooms, located to the right of the large portrait of a man holding a dog, a star trophy is on display in one of the shelves. This room is also right across the room where the ship steering wheel is located.

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Right Prize

Outside the door of the room with the star trophy, break the glass frame to get the vinyl record.

Open the door to the music room across the grand piano by pressing the yellow > red > green > blue keys.

Put the vinyl to the player to open the entrance to the ceiling. Up here, you will find another prize.

Leftmost Prize

The leftmost prize is a regular-shaped trophy that can be found on the ceiling of the master’s bedroom. Use the bed to push yourself up and get the prize.

Left Prize

In the attic, open the control box to get the battery. From the bedroom’s ceiling, there is also another control box in which you will insert the battery.

Right under this is a safe. Open the safe using the combination: 8 6 9 1. This contains the left prize.

That completes all the prizes that you need to unlock the steering wheel!

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