Hello Neighbor 2: Stuffed Bear Head Location (Museum)

Check out this guide and discover Stuffed Bear Head Location in Hello Neighbor 2!

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Hello, Neighbor 2 is a family-horror game where you’ll be looking into your neighbor’s deep secrets and you need to finish different tasks and get dozens of collectibles. In this specific guide, you’ll be able to see where and how to get the Stuffed Bear Head. There will be a few things you need to get as well, while you’re looking at the stuffed bear head. Enjoy!

Stuffed Bear Head Location (Museum) -Hello Neighbor 2

You’ll be able to get this item at night 4, once you solve the bookshelf puzzle.

It’s all happening at the Museum. The Stuffed Bear Head is located inside, so at night 4 you’ll enter the museum and start solving the bookshelf puzzle.

Go inside grab and prepare the round-shaped key, go to the second floor and enter the room located next to the other shapes in the center.

The door lock has as well circle shape, it matches the key.

Enter the rook, and on the table, you’ll see a small locked box that looks like a book. Use the crowbar to open it and get the tool from inside.

Exit the room, turn left and enter the room that will appear first on your left side as well. Use the wrench to unlock it, you’ll see that the door lock matches this tool too.

Just grab the book that’s laying on the toilet, go back to the bookshelf and put it back there.

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Then exit the room and go to the location shown in the following picture, climb the covered boxes and jump to get the item hidden there.

There will be one of the house satellites inside, you need to grab it and put it back on the rooftop where it belongs. You will go there if you exit the balcony and the side house stairs.

Then go back inside and turn on the TV and there will be the solution to the bookshelf puzzle. Then go back inside and pull the books in the order that was shown on the TV.

That’s how you get the Stuffed Bear Head in Hello Neighbour 2!

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