Time to find all the pick-up locations for Nails in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival is an open-world game with different objectives and challenges that the player can do. Your main goal in the game is to scavenge for supplies as much as possible and survive every single day. Throughout your journey you will encounter animals that will try to kill you, scavenge for materials and make yourself great weapons!

This guide will show you all the Nails Pick-Up locations in Keep Up Survival!

Keep Up Survival: Nails Collecting Locations

Nails are an essential item for the game that you will need for almost anything. They are great crafting materials mainly for building. Making big buildings will require a lot of nails.

Boxes of nails can be located in random houses and vehicles throughout the map.

The main vehicle that you want to look for in the game is a blue vehicle. This vehicle is important because it has a fast reload timer and you can almost constantly loot it and collect nails.

You can find a blue vehicle by going up the road from the starting area where the red barn is. At the abandoned gas station, you will find the first one, follow down the road and you will be able to find another.

You can get around 50-100 nails per vehicle that has a quick refill timer. Make sure you check every single door, including the trunk to ensure that you’ve collected as many nails as possible.

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