Check out this guide and discover Berinon`s Rind Location in Lords Of the Fallen 2023!

Named after Antana`s first born son, this piece of armor has a big value and can give you some extra coins if sold in proper time. It suits all of the armor collections as well. In this guide, you`re able to discover Berinon`s Ring location, so if you haven`t found it yet read the text bellow and see where to look for it!

Berinon’s Ring Location

This ring it`s located in Vestige of Catrin, more specific in the Sunless Skein Host.

You need to go through the wooden bridge located left from your starting position and after few meters you need to climb the stairs located on the right (the ones shown on the third picture).

Pass through the portals by using lighting, and climb the first stairs you see in front of you so you can go one the next platform.

That`s where the ring is located. Go and grab it!

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Lords of the Fallen, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!

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