Check out this guide and discover Cursed Dart Location in Lords of the Fallen!

Cursed Dart it`s a sharp weapon that have medium strength and it`s a best match for the small fights. Lords of The Fallen is a game filled with different pieces of weapons, all of them used for different types of battles.

In this guide, you`re able to discover the location of the Cursed Dart, so if you want to have this item in your collection read the text bellow and see where to look!

Cursed Dart Location

You`ll start your research from the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian, specifically in the Upper Calrath.

To go there you need to take the first left from the starting position and go straight through the portals by using your lighting power.

Once you pass the portal shown on the previous pictures, go straight again and take one more turn on the right. Like it`s shown on the pic bellow:

You`ll see the blue dot in between the side area, just hit it and get the knife. Be careful like the name sais this one it`s a cursed item and you may be surprised by its appearance.

Cursed Dart Specifications

Well done! Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Lords of The Fallen, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game.

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