Time to see where you can find the Dark Melted Crusader Sword in Lords of the Fallen!

The Melted Dark Crusader sword is partially melted by tremendous head. It is an initiate’s performance as a Neophyte which informs their superiors as to which of the Dark Crusader’s more advanced roles would best suit their particular strengths and thus best server the order as a whole.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the Melted Dark Crusader Sword in Lords of the Fallen.

Melted Dark Crusader Sword Location

The Melted Dark Crusader Sword is located in Upper Calrath, in the Vestige of The Forgotten Guardian.

From the checkpoint, turn around and exit the place. After exiting, take the first right and continue going forward.

Keep on going forward until you spot a metal door that is closed off on your right side. Use your lantern to simply go through the door.

Continue to follow the path and you will end up in a giant open area, from here, simply continue going forward through the door passage and up the stairs.

Keep going up the stairs to the very end and take the next right which will follow up in you going down some stairs and dropping into a bazaar.

After dropping down, simply continue going forward until you enter a building. Take the first left here and follow up by taking the second left.

After taking the second left, you will go up some stairs, make a U turn and come across an area where there is a giant hole in the ground.

Enter the dark world with your lantern here to go on the other side.

There is going to be a door blocking the path. Interact with the statue to remove the blockade and continue going forward.

Keep following the path until you’ve made it down a set of stairs. On the right side, you are going to find a room with a statue inside. Simply break down that statue to reveal the Melted Dark Crusader Sword.

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