Check out this guide and discover the location of the Moth Ring in Lords of The Fallen!

Lords of The Fallen it`s an action game filled with magical, scary and weird creatures, all of them set in different areas with different purposed. Despite them, the game has many different weapons and armors that have historical connection and will help you gain your strength and ability.

In this guide, you`ll discover the Moth Ring Location, read the text and follow the instructions.

Moth Ring Location

Moth Ring is located in Upper Calrath, a part of Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian.

Go straight as the road is leading you, like it`s shown on the picture.

You`ll notice the following pair of stairs and that`s when you know tha you`re almost in the Upper Calrath. Go in the center.

The ring will be hanged on the tree in the middle, jump, grab or pull it from there.

Moth Ring Specifications:

Well done! Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Lords of The Fallen, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game.

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