Time to heal overtime with Queen Verena II's ring. But first, you need to locate it where it is

Getting HP regen overtime is surely helpful in Lords of the Fallen. Those strong opponents tend to cause a lot of damage and once you are out of combat, you will need something to replenish your health and prepare you for the next fight. That is why we got Queen Verena II’s ring for you.

In this guide, we will show you where to find Queen Verena II’s Ring in Lords of the Fallen.

Queen Verena II’s Ring Location

The ring is located in Upper Calrath, in the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian.

From the checkpoint, you want to go to the opposite side and go outside by exiting the building.

As you exit, take the first right and past the stone head of the broken statue you want to stop.

After you’ve made it to the marked area in the image above, use your lantern to phase to the dark world where you are going to see a ladder to climb up.

Climb the ladder, turn around and jump over the wooden platform and towards the other castle building.

On the ground where the yellow glowing item is is where you are going to find Queen Verena II’s Ring.

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