Check this guide and find the location of the Ravager Gregory’s Sword in Lords of The Fallen!

There are tons of weapons that can be found in Lords of The Fallen, and if you are here with us, then it means that you are looking for Gregory’s Sword. This powerful sword is well hidden and might be a challenge to find, but we have the exact location for you.

Keep reading our guide and find the Ravager Gregory’s Sword Location in Lords of The Fallen!

Ravager Gregory’s Sword Location

The only place where you can find Ravager Gregory’s Sword is in Lower Calrath Alehouse – Vestige of Lydia The Numb Witch.

Before starting to look for it, you have to pick up Ravager Gregory’s Rosary from the dead body hanging on the spears on top of the ruined wooden platform.

Once you get the Ravager Gregory’s Rosary, give it to Exacter Dunmire. After that just rest at any Vestige, and then he will sell Ravager Gregory’s Sword in his store.

Now, once you are able to purchase it, make sure to put it in your inventory and use it against the enemies.

Simple as that, you can now follow our guide and obtain your Ravager Gregory’s Sword in Lords of The Fallen. Good luck!

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