Check this guide and find the location of Ring of Bones in Lords of The Fallen 2023!

While exploring the world in Lords of The Fallen, you will be able to collect plenty of items but not many of them have the real power that you need. Today we are going to show you another special item, Ring of Bones, that you might consider wearing on your equipment.

Keep reading our article and make sure to find this powerful ring because it’s worth being in your use.

Ring of Bones Location

The Ring of Bones can be easily found in Sunless Skein Hoist – Vestige of Catrin location.  You just have to go by the water on the wooden platform and switch the lever to drain the water.

Once the water is drained, you can use the ladder and climb down.

Right after you are on the ground, in front of the ladder you will find a body. Collect from this body and you will obtain the Ring of Bones.

That’s it! Now make sure to follow our guide and find the Ring of Bones by yourself in Lords of The Fallen. Good luck!

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