Check out this guide to see where the Veil Piercer is located in Lords of the Fallen.

The Veil Piercer in Lords of the fallen is an old spear covered in a strange, numbing residue. This spear will increase your Inferno and Radiance to gain further insight. A very good weapon if you want to keep a safe distance between you and your enemies.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the Veil-Piercer spear in Lords of the Fallen.

Veil Piercer Location

The Veil Piercer spear is located in the Sunless Skein Hoist, in the Vestige of Catrin.

From the checkpoint, you want to take the left exit and continue following the rails until you’ve made it to a bigger room that has a set of stairs on the right side which you need to go onto.

After the stairs, follow that path forward and you will hit a metal door that is closed off. Use your lantern to go through it and go up the stairs until you’ve made it to another cave.

Take the exit on the left as shown in the image below.

Go up the stairs, take the ladder up to the higher floor and continue going forward until you’ve made it to a drop.

After dropping down, you want to turn around and keep going in that direction until you see a passage on the left side that will lead you outside the cave.

As you’ve made it outside, take the first right up the stairs and continue going until you reach a balcony.

Once here, use the lantern to phase to the other world and open up the gate in front. Behind the cage is where you will find a statue that you can interact with and gain an item from there.

That item is going to be the Veil Piercer.

We hope this guide helped you find the Veil Piercer in Lords of the Fallen. Stay tuned for more upcoming content!

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