The Ancestor's sword in Lords of the fallen is a Udirangran sword inscribed with ancient symbols.

Some worshippers of the First of the Beasts claim to have witnessed him with their own eyes in the hardest and most desolate hinterlands of Udiranr, the titanic god striding through dire blizzards across the vast, frozen landscape.

In this guide, will see where the Ancestor’s Sword is located in Lords of the Fallen.

Ancestor’s Sword Location

The Ancestor’s Sword is located in The Crow’s Nest, in the Vestige of Loash.

From the checkpoint, simply turn around and keep on dropping down to the lower platforms of the area where you are going to see a small castle passage.

As you drop down, the castle passage will be located on your right side. You won’t miss it. There are two yellow shining items there that you can pick up, one of them is the Ancestor’s Sword.

I hope this guide helped you figure out where to find the Ancestor’s Sword in lords of the fallen. Stay tuned for more!

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