Want to find the Beast Axe Location in Lords of The Fallen? Then check out this guide!

In the world of Lords of The Fallen, you will be able to discover many locations that hide unique collectibles that are worth being in your inventory. If you are looking for another powerful weapon that is pretty enjoyable to play with, then here is the Beast Axe that you would like to play with.

In this guide, we will show you the Beast Axe Location in Lords of The Fallen!

Beast Axe Location

To find the Beast Axe, you have to make your way to The Crow’s Nest – Vestige of Loash location. Once entering the area, you have to enter inside the first building on the right side.

Follow the ladder going down to the lower level, and then you will exit at the back of the building where need to continue straight across the wall.

Just follow the path that will bring you to another entrance of a building, then climb down through the ladder again and exit at the back where you will come to an open area.

Make your way to the left and come near the shore of the lake. Here you can reveal the path which is under the water, and just keep on following the way which will bring you to the right destination.

As you follow the path, you will come to a closed entrance of a village where you have to hit the black monster blocking the door.

Pass through the gate, and then follow the tight path on the right side between the buildings which will bring you directly to the location of the Beast Axe. Go near the light and you will able to pick up the weapon.

We hope that this guide helped you to easily find this amazing weapon, and if you want more articles like this one, please stay tuned with us. Good luck!

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