You need extra life steal? Well the ring of nourishment will help you with that.

The Ring of Nourishment in Lords of the fallen is a very good ring if you want to regain HP upon defeating enemies. Basically this is a ring that gives you life steal and keeps you alive for quite some time in the battlefield.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the Ring of Nourishment in Lords of the Fallen.

Ring of Nourishment Location

The Ring of Nourishment is located in the Upper Calrath Mining District, in the Vestige of Doln.

From the check point, you want to turn around and make your way down the staircase, through the castle tunnel and into the giant castle area.

From there, take the first entrance through the big broken caged gate on the left side.

Go up the stairs and forward into an area that is completely on fire.

You will need to make a right at some point on some stairs and make a right again until you’ve found yourself behind a house.

Behind the house is where you are going to find the Ring of Nourishment.

We hope this guide helped you find the Ring of Nourishment in Lords of the Fallen. Stay tuned for more!

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